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A middle-grade novel of a spoiled young lord in medieval England who learns how to make friends and care for others under the

Bobby, Lord of Acton Waters

William Smock

Middle Grade Fiction

Do you secretly admire kids who talk back, who break the rules and defy their elders? Meet Bobby, age 11. He rules a castle and all the lands around it. No one tells him what to do. He refuses to go to school, eat meatloaf, or even take a bath.

One thing eludes Bobby. He can’t order people to like him. One day a wandering minstrel comes to town – Fahd, from faraway North Africa. He sings for small change and cures minor ailments. He has no possessions, but he quickly acquires a hundred fans and friends. What’s his secret?

Bobby vows to find out. He hits the road, destination unknown, as Fahd’s assistant. Travelers, as they walk along, tell about their lives, and Bobby starts to feel a new sympathy for his fellow humans. He and Fahd then quit the music business and launch a grand risky scheme to make the world a better place.

Paperback: $14.00

Hardcover: $25.00

Ebook: $7.99 


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